Thursday, July 24, 2014

Written By Lisa A M Bauman
Photos Contributed by L. Bauman and Nenita Luper

The WVG partnered on the second day with the OG on this trip to remove debris and non-native grasses dumped into a sensitive cave in Washington. Robert Johnson, WVG Vertical Chairperson (known as Vertical Bob), rigged up this helpful pulley system that reduced the time and effort to remove the heavy bags. It also reduced the impact to the cave. Khalvin Cook and Lisa Bauman (WVG Vice Chair) worked below the cave to load the pulley system. Our new member Jeff along with Ruth and Ken Stickney helped with the rigging and previous day's efforts too. Thank you all for taking action and working together to conserve this valuable resource. Thank you Oregon Grotto for inviting us along!

Kim, Alisha, and Jeff raising bags out of the cave. Photo By Nenita Luper 
Ben and Rebekah Bauman waiting to be lowered into the cave by Khalvin Cook. Photo By Nenita Luper
Robert and Jeff rigging to pulley system. Photo By Nenita Luper

This is the load from the previous day. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Alisa, Ruth Stickney, Khalvin Cook, Gene Hancock, Gary Pietre and several more are with Robert Johnson riggng the ropes. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Khalvin Cook loved being lowered into the cave. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Khalvin Cook and Lisa Bauman help load the mess from below.  Photo By Nenita Luper

Rebekah Bauman, one of our youngest members enjoys the rigging. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman 

There was still time for fun. Nenita Luper is taking a ride on the rigging. Thank you Robert Johnson for the awesome set up. It allowed us to move faster and quicker and also leave less impact on the cave! Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Ruth, Ken, Alisa, Oscar, and Kim bagging up the debris. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Ruth Stickney doing the rigging. 
Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

Alisha, from the OG and Jeff, our new member. Photo By Lisa A M Bauman

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